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RFPMaker Hotel Rate Solution

We Transform Corporate and Association Hotel Bookings

We have created an easy and effective solution for negotiating discounted rates on hotel bookings. RFPMaker is a web-tool that enables direct connection between property owners and corporate clients.

Our solution for Corporate and Association Hotel Bookings

Are you a travel manager, or a business leader, responsible for finding the best hotel rates for your travel needs? If yes let us assist you! RFPmaker is a hotel rate negotiation solution for travel managers, small businesses, and associations.

Hotel Industry Booking Reality

Did you know about the Commissions that Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) take when you book travel accommodation through them? … An OTA can collect between 50 and 150 Euros as commission from a single reservation. This in fact is the price that you pay extra when you book an accommodation through one of these OTAs.

How can you get better rates?

If you are a company or association with frequent travels and minimum have approximately 300 room nights / year or more in demand, you can simply get the hotels to bid on your demand. In the hotel world this is called RFP – a “request for proposal” and you can place a hotel RFP through the RFPMaker tool!

How does it work?

Every hotel likes new business clients – in fact they are always hunting for new clients and new online tools to fill up their hotels rooms as fast as possible. It’s clear, if one room night was not sold the night before – that revenue will never come back – so the bidding and winning of new clients are very important for hotels.

Our solution for Hotel Managers

Why to choose RFPmaker for your Hotel RFP


  • Intuitive interface

  • Easy hotel RFP review

  • Easy to respond in hotel RFPs

  • Win more business!


  • More SMB customers
  • More association customers
  • The most profitable transient segment
  • Corp. rate availability =+ market share!


  • Clear communication process

  • Conversation tracking

  • Keep things moving along

  • Respond – Discuss – Execute


  • First to market in travel industry

  • Enable accurate revenue management

  • Offer preferred rates 24/7/365

  • Keep corporate clients happy!


Do you have questions? Read our F.A.Q. section or contact our sales representatives.

We have not heard about RFPMaker before?2018-11-12T10:01:11+00:00

RFPMaker is a Danish company, with offices in Denmark, US, Bulgaria, Ukraine and the UK. The team at RFPMaker has many years experience working in the Corporate Business Travel Industry.

Is there any commission for the bookings?2018-10-18T14:05:56+00:00

In addition to the yearly subscription, the Hotels will additionally pay a fixed transaction fee of 2€ to RFPMaker per each realized room-night booking made by employees, members, or associates of the organizations introduced to HOTEL by RFPMaker via the RFPMaker platform.
Payments of fees according to this clause are calculated according to the client’s actual spent number of room nights, regardless if this number is higher or lower than the original booking.

Please see RFPMaker Terms for more info.

Do I need to pay a subscription fee every time I participate in a tender?2018-10-18T14:06:04+00:00

No, you only pay a yearly subscription fee and you have unlimited access to future tenders.

Which other Bid types does RFPMaker support?2018-10-18T14:06:13+00:00

Our online platform offers to negotiate either a FIXED PRICE or a DISCOUNT OF BEST AVAILABLE RATES (BAR). For more info see “What does a BID TYPE of hotel eRFP program mean?”

Does RFPMaker offer dynamic rates?2018-10-18T14:06:20+00:00

Yes. When negotiating a BAR discount, it is usual that any corporation is able to get 10% off BAR as a standard. Anything above a 15% discount is then a negotiated rate. The higher the volume of room nights and business a corporation guarantees, then the greater the discount they get.

An email I want to use for registration is already used2018-10-18T13:58:37+00:00

If your email is already used in RFPMaker system please use another corporate email. Sometimes, managers are using same general emails to register on RFPMaker platform. In case you can’t enter your account please notify our Support Team via email at support @ rfpmaker.com

Client Testimonials

In 2017 we used RFPmaker to tender the LEO Pharma 2-year global hotel program. We were quite happy with their services and the back-office support driving the bidding process. RFPmaker were acting with a high degree of dedication to the task and took responsibility for engaging with hotels in order to onboard hotels into the tender.

Jens Liltorp - Category Manager, Travel & Meetings at LEO Pharma, Very easy to use I was amazed!

Jysk Head office worked with RFPmaker.com on a 7000 room night tender: “For us it is a great system and we love using it. It was really easy to set up and very quick. We have been able to obtain good savings for our stay.

Troels Larsen, JYSK

We have been using RFP Maker for about a year now and we can definitely say that it works brilliantly. It was really easy to set up and very quick. It took us about 15 minutes to input all our information. As the system is very user friendly, we can make changes and answer RFPs quite simply and without any hassle. For us it is a great system and we love using it.

Lyubomir Bogdanov, General Manager, Hotel Anel

The RFPMaker platform is designed with the travel planner in mind. It uses an API that allows the planner access to over 350,000 hotels, and all the planner needs to do is drop a pin and ask for a proposal from the hotel. The agent can even ask for multiple proposals at the same time from various hotels in the same area, equalling a very efficient system for getting a price for their customers. With the RFP product, no commissions are paid and this means a better deal for the consumer, lower prices and better service.

David Lund Testimonial for RFPMaker Hotel RFPDavid Lund , Hotel Financial Coach

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