RFPMaker Solution for Associations

RFPmaker Benefits for Associations

Associations do their best to provide all members with valuable benefits as well as duty of care.

The main focus of RFPMaker solution is to support Association membership and drive more value to both the Association as well as the members.

RFPMaker helps minimize the association members’ travel expenses and guarantee highest customer satisfaction along with the reduced accommodation costs.

We help secure members with up to 30% discount off the Best Available Rates (BAR) in hotels.

How does this work?

  1. We create an RFP on behalf of your Association and send it to the hotels located in the areas of your preference. The number of hotels and locations invited to participate in the tenders depend on your requirements and associations’ members travel statistics.
  2. Hotels bid their lowest prices and, at the meantime, save commission payments to the OTAs (which amounts up to 23% of the normal room price). All which leads to them giving greater discounts to your program.
  3. The association members further book accommodation at the negotiated, considerably lower price, directly on the selected hotel websites – through a unique hotel URL or with a voucher code provided by RFPMaker.

Our services aim at cutting out OTAs commissions, eliminating manual hotels search, and reducing effort spent on discount negotiation. The bigger demand you have, the bigger discounts hotels are ready to provide!

Partner with RFPMaker to get even more benefits for your members!

Interested in what RFPmaker has to offer to you?

Contact us to learn more info and how you can subscribe your hotel in our database. Our sales representative will be happy to discuss with you any questions you might have and also offer you a demo presentation.