RFPMaker Solution for Corporations

RFPmaker solution for Corporate Clients

Corporations with travel demand often face a range of difficulties when organizing their business trips. Starting from OTAs high rates which affect company’s budget to the steep learning curve of sophisticated TMCs’ web tools, the process gets more and more time & resource consuming.

Manual hotel search and negotiating prices has proven its difficulties.

We offer a simple solution to manage travel program and minimize corporate travel spend.

RFPMaker provides services to help Companies

  • reach hotels on a mass scale within just a few clicks
  • save company’s budget avoiding OTAs’ commission
  • get a professional free assistance in everything connected to Hotel RFPs!

We make it possible to reach hotels on a mass scale avoiding OTAs’ commissions. With an easy interface, even those who are not familiar with a Hotel RFP process (learn What is Hotel RFP) can launch a Request for Proposal in 3 simple intuitive steps and get our assistance for no additional costs!

As a company with travel demand, you can negotiate prices directly with property managers and get up to 15% discount from the hotels in a chosen location.

We make a peer to peer communication possible again. Become a part of our family and change your travelling significantly!

Interested in what RFPMaker can offer you?

Contact us to learn more info and how you can subscribe your hotel in our database. Our sales representative will be happy to discuss with you any questions you might have and also offer you a demo presentation.