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RFPMaker Solution for Hotel Managers

RFPmaker for the Hotel Industry

How can a hotel increase its revenue, get loyal customers for a long period of time, and become visible for international corporate clients?

We offer all this via our platform.

The current market situation isn’t very beneficial for hotels. They have to deal with crazy OTAs commissions eating their budget away. The sum may amount from 18 to 25 % depending on the website and the visibility search. Moreover, customers rarely book hotels directly preferring booking engines to do the job. In such a way, both lose – Hotels and Travellers.

We decided to change this.

Volume bookings and tender programs are a certain way to increase hotel’s revenue. In our scenario, hotels don’t have to provide rates dictated by OTAs or pay high commissions. We enable a direct communication between hotels and corporate clients via our platform.

Getting volume demand from companies or associations you are ensured to have a steady income even during the low season. You automatically get more clients when your property becomes searchable in our database.

A hotelier or hotel manager may easily sign in his property to the RFPMaker platform. Paying only a yearly subscription-fee and a small transaction fee per booked room, the hotel gets access to RFPs and business travellers worldwide.

No middleman here, respond to RFPs directly – we do not tell you how much shall a room cost!

Start benefiting together with RFPMaker – enjoy your happy RFP season!

Interested in what RFPMaker can offer you?

Contact us to learn more info and how you can subscribe your hotel in our database. Our sales representative will be happy to discuss with you any questions you might have and also offer you a demo presentation.