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“Everything begins with an idea!”

RFPmaker Hotel RFP Tool


The platform for peer-to-peer corporate accommodation!

Business Model

RFPmaker hotel RFP business model

The Market

Corporate Travel Industry

$1.25 trillion | Business travel spending
$175 billion | Corporate lodging expenditures
14% | Lodging as % of business travel spending
6.3% growth | 2014-19 business travel industry growth

Global Hotel Industry

$36.7 billion | Expected hotel industry revenue in 2020
$1.4 billion | Expected international tourist arrivals in 2020
2.2 million | Bookable locations worldwide
51% share | Europe remains #1 destination

The Market Players

Alleviating Pain Points in Business Travel

What RFPmaker Offers?

An environment where companies and hotels can partner on preferred rates without the added cost of commission.

RFPMaker provides a global peer-to-peer solution for travel planners and hoteliers, helping them improve customer service, identify savings, and increase revenues.

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Services for Travel Planners

  • Streamlined RFP process: centralized information
  • Hotel sourcing with mapping by travel destinations
  • Customer Relationship Management Support
  • Travel contracts negotiation management
  • Access to a 400,000+ hotels database
  • Direct communication platform
  • Consulting Services

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Some of the most prestigious hotel brands are on RFPMaker..

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