“Terms – Corporations”

“Terms – Corporations”
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    • RFPMaker is a brand and brand name for any services supplied by Shevana ApS
    • RFPMaker is fully owned by Shevana ApS
    • RFPMaker is an online platform which facilitates direct connection between hotels and companies with the aim for companies to find the best volume accommodation deals and for hotels to establish a steady recurring customer group
    • The hotels are contractually obligated to pay RFPMaker a fixed transaction fee of 2 € per each COMPANY employee´s booked/realized hotel room nights.

    § 1


    This Agreement enters into force upon the Parties signatures hereto and remains in force for 12 months after this initiation.

    Either Party has a right to give notice of cancellation of the Agreement giving a minimum of three months’ notice prior to the expiry date which is 12 months after the date of initiation.

    If no Party has given notice of cancellation, the Agreement is automatically renewed and remains in force for another 12 months period.

    § 2


    The license fee for COMPANY is 999 € per year including an unlimited number of locations and hotels COMPANY requests offers from.

    § 3


    COMPANY´s license fee covering a 12 months period must be paid and received by RFPMaker before COMPANY´s account is activated.

    Payment can be made via the following channels:

    1. Payment online via Stripe.
    2. Payment by bank transfer. Transfer time may take up to five banking days before payment is received by RFPMaker

    Upon renewed Agreement pertaining to § 1 herein, the license fee will be automatically charged 7 days before expiry date. Payment must be settled within 15 days after expiry date, subject to COMPANY´s receipt of invoice. COMPANY accepts invoice in electronic format via e-mail.

    Payment as described above is to be made online or transferred in accordance with the banking details laid down hereunder:

    Bank: Jyske Bank

    Currency account: EURO
    IBAN-no.: DK6850780001102749

    BIC address: JYBADKKK

    § 4


    According to the Danish legislation the following VAT rules apply:

    • Entities based in Denmark will have 25% VAT applied to invoices
    • Entities based in countries within the European Union (EU), other than in Denmark, will not have VAT applied to invoices, so long as a VAT number is provided. Entities who do not provide a VAT number may have an additional 25% VAT applied
    • Entities outside the EU, no VAT is applied

    § 5


    Any rights including but not limited to patents, trademarks, copyrights, software rights, licensed rights, and proprietary know-how that exist prior to this Agreement as well as any such rights that might be developed after commencement of this Agreement are deemed property of RFPMaker. Failure to comply with this provision shall be construed as substantial breach of Agreement.

    § 6


    COMPANY is to maintain complete confidentiality with respect to any and all information acquired under this Agreement. This clause of confidentiality is to remain in force indefinitely. Failure to observe this confidentiality clause is to be construed as a substantial breach of Agreement.

    § 7


    COMPANY is not allowed to circumvent and enter into any direct agreements with the hotels accepted through the RFPMaker RFP tender program subject to this Agreement. A circumvention is defined as any activity or agreement which consequently deprives RPFMAKER of its revenue pertaining to a hotel’s annual subscription fee and the fixed transaction fee as referenced under the Preamble herein.


    § 8


    The Parties are committed to solve any disputes arising from this Agreement in amicability.

    Any disputes that cannot be settled in this way will be handled by arbitration with Danish jurisdiction and according to the arbitral organisation’s rules and regulations subject to current legislation.


This Agreement takes effect according to #1 herein.